Saturday, March 22, 2008

Staying on the Track

Almost 2 months have passed and I find that after each run I gain a sense of accomplishment and motivation. Although, sometimes I wonder if I will be able to complete the goal... I try not to linger in those thoughts to long... de-motivation can creep in so easily in the pursuit of our BIG GOALS! One day at a time, one workout --- will all lead to the finish line on Oct. 18th. I have enjoyed a couple of group runs with some of our team and Supporters. Rick Harris, Pat Gaskill and I met up to run the streets of San Jose... Pat came dressed in "Rocky" wear and Rick led the pace on a 3 mile run thru neighborhoods and thru the downtown as the city awoke to another day. Great misty morning to run! Ran a good 3.5 miles with Scott Stapel in San Francisco thru the hussle and bussle of "the Wharf" --- we should have brought some money, desperately needed a drink of water --- thought about begging for a dollar! What a great way to experience the city, running past the business owners stocking their shelves in china town, past a busy park with muscians jammin', dogs and people playing. The hills gave us a few chances to test who was faster... Scott won! Great run, Scott.... Thanks!

I am looking forward to hooking up with all team members throughout the year to train, talk and have fun! By the way, we have a block of 20 rooms set aside in KC for the Marathon Weekend and I hear Jeff Cutler is working on a "Magic Bus" tour with his RV. Stay tuned for more details!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Marathon is a Journey not a destination

I have begun my training for a marathon, not to say that "I have done it", but to say that "I have enjoyed it" maybe not the run itself, but the journey to arrive in the place that I am today. Healthy, prosperous (in many ways -- not just money), surrounded and supported by many friends & family and my partner, loving what I do, where i live and all of the advantages i am so fortunate to share!

I do want the race medal, which is from the company sponsor whom I have lovingly dedicated 11 years of blood sweat and tears to make a better place. Only time will tell if this is true... guess this journey will have to continue and the results are yet to be determined! It was my lucky day when i came across a tiny newspaper ad that mentioned this career opportunity to help people --- this career has helped me more than i can measure.

so.... training has begun --- finishing week 3 --- convinced that my plan is solid, my body is able, and my will is my strongest ally! The best byproduct of going after this medal --- i have a closet full of jeans that have not seen the light of day in years... i think they are going to be back in service soon! (hopefully the gloria vanderbilt's are not out of style!)

Mileage for week 3 = 7 miles